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How the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage rulings are affecting state politics

  • changing gears Politicians in a number of states, most notably Oregon, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, have started discussing repealing laws which bar same-sex marriage in the state, whether through laws or through amendments. (29 states have amendments similar to the one struck down in California.) In the case of Oregon, the state’s Democratic governor, John Kitzhaber, argues that the federal ruling underscores the urgency of the issue. “Oregon has not yet lived up to the ideal of equal rights for all,” he stated. A court decision in Michigan involving a same-sex couple adopting one another’s children could also play a factor in that state—that decision was on hold due to the Supreme Court decisions.
  • doubling down In the case of West Virginia and Indiana, however, Republicans in the states are considering strengthening state laws barring same-sex marriage through the usage of amendments. One advocate in Indiana, the American Family Association of Indiana’s Micah Clark, argues that the decision should be left up to voters. “The future of marriage matters,” he told the Associated Press. “And it belongs in the hands of Hoosier voters, not the courts, not Hollywood, and not the activists seeking to change it from what it is and always has been.” source
June 29, 2013 // 11:15 // 1 year ago
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    Do states even recognize gay marriages from other states?
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    Basing basic rights of people on the hands of voters is extremely dumb and not even constitutional. If same sex...
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    Is it just me or is that last quote sound like they would suppress pro-choice votes?And I love it when republicans...
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    The idea of people voting on whether certain groups get rights is repulsive to me. If we allowed that in this country on...
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