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On Glenn Greenwald and questions with seemingly obvious answers

kyriarchy answered: jfc, why are you even entertaining the possibility?

» SFB says: To speak up for our new writer Patrick a second, let’s look at the thread. Everyone responded the same way, largely with strong passion, but across-the-board dismissal of the idea. And it led to some pretty good responses. There were some people who reflexively said no, with good reason—it seems preposterous that we’d send a journalist to jail, or charge them with a crime over something their source did! But there were also some people who said no, then explained why in thoughtful ways. That to me seems like a useful, important conversation, rather than simply just saying no. It’s one thing to have opinions. It’s another entirely to be able to defend those opinions well. (And to emphasize again, I didn’t write the post, and I already let you guys know my answer to this question the other day.) — Ernie @ SFB

June 29, 2013 // 1:45 // 1 year ago
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