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June 28, 2013 // 19:48 // 1 year ago
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  1. technoschoolbus said: It’s posts like this which make the blogosphere lose credibility.
  2. rachelcstella answered: Absolutely not. If the government even hints at taking such an action, I’ll be joining the column-writing brigade.
  3. taiganaut answered: That’s a rhetorical question, right? They very idea is beyond preposterous.
  4. celene answered: Why would he be? Journalism is not illegal.
  5. kyriarchy answered: jfc, why are you even entertaining the possibility?
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    I think that’s right. Greenwald is (and should be) immune from prosecution unless somebody has facts I don’t. If...
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    I think the First Amendment pretty clearly protects Greenwald from criminal prosecution. If facts were misrepresented or...
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    Isn’t the relevant question whether Glenn Greenwald committed a crime? How solid is the evidence? If he didn’t, doesn’t...
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  12. theodorekazinski answered: That would definitely be crossing the line. And it’s a scary thing that it might even be considered. Very nasty situation.
  13. dingo answered: I don’t particularly like him, mostly because he usually comes off as sanctimonious, but charging him with a crime would be idiotic.
  14. angryomen answered: The last thing we need is to discourage journalists from reporting on things that matter.
  15. lateralsymmetry answered: No. Hell no.
  16. citicenx answered: He should be given a fucking medal…
  17. mhhe said: The only crimes where commited by the US government, not by whistleblowers and journalists.
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    Agree or disagree with Greenwald, he’s one of the most active critics of the U.S. Government and he performs a valuable...
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  20. themodernsound answered: It should be impossible. He’s a journalist. If they try and charge him I’m leaving the country.
  21. captainkay answered: No. That’s what journalists are supposed to do. If anything, he should be praised.
  22. dimplevjk answered: Absolutely not. It would create the chilling effect! Why would you criminalise journalism like that?
  23. haikusandhyperboles answered: Charging Greenwald would in itself, be committing treason.
  24. bobbycaputo said: He shouldn’t be charged with anything.
  25. stilitsune said: Neither should be. If anything the US should be charged. Problem solved. None of the two caused any harm to the public. But the NSA is.
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  27. intothegreatunknown answered: Nope, he’s simply passing on information to the public