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College students are gonna love this Google ChromeOS news

  • $20 per month for students to get a ChromeOS notebook?!? source

» Wow, that would certainly change things: Could you imagine a kit-and-kaboodle deal like that, how it’d tear apart the hardware-centric power structure of the PC industry? This is the kind of method social media companies use to go after a growing demographic — but not generally hardware-makers. If Google’s deal is true, that’s $240 a year for a laptop which essentially works as a loss leader for Google. It’d also be an entryway into the business industry for the company, which could hand out dumbbooks like Google’s for super-cheap.

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May 11, 2011 // 1:42 // 3 years ago
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    I would seriously sign up for the Chrome notebook :)
  7. oldmanyellsatcloud said: I think they’re realizing that they need to create the type of future they want: And that future involves tech-savvy students.
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