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On rumors about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s resignation

We’ve seen a couple posts in our dashboard about Ahmadinejad resigning. The sources in these pieces are Current TV and, two user-generated content sites. Now, while there is drama around Ahmadinejad right now — including staffers reportedly charged with sorcery of all things and the Iranian president disappearing from the public eye for nearly two weeks — we’ve seen no reports suggesting that Ahmadinejad has actually resigned outside of those two sites. Nothing on Twitter, even. Nothing against, but it does not have a strong reputation due to the way it handles content. Do yourself a favor and heed what mohandasgandhi says here: “Take this with a huge grain of salt.” (EDIT: Please see our update on this story.)

May 5, 2011 // 22:02 // 3 years ago
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