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letao says: As someone who's used Tumblr for years, along with Twitter, I feel having in-stream ads spaced between my curated feed is perfectly fine. It's a free service. I feel there's a lot of entitlement that comes with using social media, but it helps to remember that they are free to the consumer, in exchange for advertising. Otherwise they wouldn't exist!

» SFB says: Exactly my feeling. Wouldn’t be opposed to paying a couple bucks each month to get them removed, though. But I recommend that anyone considering using ad-blocking software check out this 2010 article by Ars Technica which I think is encapsulates why it’s not fair to creators. At the time, Ars Technica was feeling the pinch from such ad blockers because their site’s audience is so tech-savvy that many of their readers were using it. I understand why people hate ads, I understand the moral and privacy reasons that people are upset by advertising, but I also know at the end of the day it’s the best thing that most content-producing sites have for making a buck. Smart people in boardrooms and skunkworks labs  have spent the past two decades working to figure out a plan B, and we’ve only gotten as far as plan AAA. I don’t begrudge anyone for disagreeing with me, but that’s my stance. — Ernie @ SFB

May 30, 2013 // 23:01 // 1 year ago
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  1. jubular said: The main problem I have with ads is the video ads. It’s very distracting, and pretty frustrating when I have to figure out which tab the ads are on. If they don’t want people getting rid of ads, they should stick to quiet ones.
  2. itwillbeloud said: big crush on ernie
  3. dakotapuma said: What I object to is not the presence of advertising. I object to INLINE ads. Because there is so little viewing space on a mobile device, I have been tolerant so far. My participation on tumblr will change if inline ads appear on my laptop or desktop.
  4. lateralsymmetry said: Agree completely. But wondering, what is your stance on DVRs? Obviously a huge draw for those devices is the ability to skip the commercials. Your thoughts?