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All of the new Oklahoma laws aimed at limiting abortion and contraception are great for the Republican family that lives in a gingerbread house with a two-car garage, two planned kids and a dog. In the real world, they are less than perfect…yet I cannot convince my Republican colleagues that one of the best ways to eliminate abortions is to ensure access to contraception.
Doug Cox, a Republican state legislator and practicing physician, in an op-ed today. “Denying access to [the morning-after pill] is a sure way to increase legal and back-alley abortions,” Cox wrote. “Moreover, such a law would discriminate against low-income women who depend on Medicaid for their health care.” Oklahoma Republicans have proposed several draconian restrictions on abortion and contraception; while Cox opposes abortion, he’s been honored by Planned Parenthood for defending a woman’s right to contraception and “effectively argu[ing] against more than 160 anti-women’s health measures.” source
May 29, 2013 // 16:06 // 1 year ago
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