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May 27, 2013 // 23:29 // 1 year ago
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  1. houseoforange said: Steve Holt’s fate (not saying whether or not he returns) was the most surprising to me!
  2. houseoforange answered: I’m seven episodes in so far, and I think it’s great. There are some dull moments. The Lindsay/Tobias episodes have been strongest, and…
  3. luvst0ned answered: 4 and i’m not enjoying it as much as i thought i would. i’m not loving the individual character episodes either.
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    4 episodes in and I’m disappointed so far.
  5. xyztun answered: 4 episodes in, and mostly liking it. However, not crazy about how each episode focuses on one character. They’re better as an ensemble.
  6. viviano answered: I finished yesterday and think it’s great, especially AFTER ep.9 (very cringe-worthy episode). It was slow at first, but excellent by the end
  7. ericlanter answered: Finished it a today and the second half was better than the first half. I enjoyed it, but it suffered from the family not being together.
  8. dburnham answered: 6 in and it’s getting better with each episode.
  9. boris-the-bewildered answered: 2 and i cant watch anymore. not funny, plot is overly dramatic and needlessly intricate and there are weird, racist remarks made unironically
  10. latetothe answered: 2. I have a lot to study. And, I have The Simpsons backlog to clear too.
  11. themagazineandwineparty answered: we’ve watched 5 episodes and we are loving it. it feels so good to see our favorite characters again. and to those who don’t like it-COME ON!
  12. mythoughtsinspiredby answered: saw all 15 yesterday. could have been better, could have been worse.
  13. nickjetset answered: It is exactly what I expected, which is a little disappointing.
  14. eatprayfitness answered: 6 episodes in… Not totally feeling it but I absolutely loved the Tobias episode!
  15. sturtlovinggood answered: The show obviously suffers from not having all the actors available for filming together.
  16. videogameheart said: I just finished the fourth episode and it made me really happy.
  17. socratescloset answered: One away from the finale. The writing is devilishly clever. I love it.
  18. donrickles answered: Finished the season today!
  19. gifthorsedentistry answered: 11, and mostly happy with how it turned out
  20. judithanastasiafunnie answered: pretty racist
  21. vangoghsotherear said: I have two left and I am resisting watching them today…I waited so long for them and I’ve consumed 13 of them already ;__;
  22. misconceptionsdispersed answered: I’m 3 episodes in and for some reason I’m not feeling it :/ maybe I need to be in a better mood?
  23. eternallyoptimisticmetsfan answered: 8 episodes in. Its as good as anything on TV nowadays, but it definitely misses all the family interacting every episode.
  24. scjsundae answered: halfway through 5 (i’ve been busy)
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