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What happened at PyCon has cast a spotlight on a range of deep issues and problems in the developer world. As ugly as this situation has become, all of these issues have reasonable, and, I think, easily reached solutions that will help us cast conflict aside and construct a more cohesive and welcoming professional environment based on respect, trust and open communication.
Former SendGrid developer evangelist Adria Richards • Discussing how she’s trying to move on from “donglegate,” the incident that cost her (and an employee at another company) a job and led to the company she worked for getting DDOSed. Despite the incident, she’s not trying to dwell and is working to create something positive from what happened—which, considering she got death threats and sexist messages in the wake of the incident with people who disagree with the way she publicly outed a man making crude dongle jokes at a conference, sounds like the only way forward.
March 30, 2013 // 15:02 // 1 year ago
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