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Yes, tried to kill me. I’m an open book. They won’t let me testify at the Grant Sawyer Building, and they sent 100 police officers to arrest me. Let me ask you, how can they do that?
Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks • Discussing the decision by the assembly to expel the politician from his seat, because he’s been acting erratically. (Nobody’s trying to kill him, and no police officers have shown up to arrest him.) Brooks, who once did a mostly-shirtless 35 minute interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, has made threatening comments towards his colleagues, most notably Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, and has been arrested multiple times in recent months. (Some who voted to expel him said they felt unsafe with him in the legislative building.) The Democrat, who often called press conferences he never showed up for, is the first politician in Nevada to face an expulsion vote from the legislature in 146 years.
March 29, 2013 // 0:04 // 1 year ago
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