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Five things that will make you gouge your eyes out from SXSW

  • one Google is showing off a new piece of footwear at its Art, Copy & Code booth. It’s a shoe. That can talk. For some reason your Reebok Pumps seem much cooler than this.
  • two The uh, sexy, hookup site Bang With Friends has a SXSW-specific site called “Bang With SXSW,” which should ensure that you’ll remain lonely for the rest of the year.
  • three Author Neil Gaiman, who’s an extremely creative guy, spoke during a SXSW panel on creativity with “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre, who’s anything but.
  • four As a marketing stunt, the cable network Syfy created a pop-up hotel, which would be useful as there’s never anywhere to stay in Austin during this time of year, except there are only a handful of rooms, and the network didn’t bother to tell people about the lodging space ahead of time.
  • five Speaking of temporary lodging, there are augmented-reality porta potties which tell passing customers how long you’ve been inside. Get ready to punch everyone around you.
March 10, 2013 // 12:11 // 1 year ago
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    Not that I wanted to go this year, but geez.
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    um. you mean… for ALL of the reasons, being that my Reebok Pumps were the coolest things ever?
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  6. texnessa said: chuck lorre isnt creative? are you high? sure two and a half men sucks, but that is because it is a cash cow for cbs so they will do anything to keep it on.
  7. zachvaughn said: They’ll have 2 new hotels by next year (one downtown, one on S. Congress). Pretty much sucks working downtown during SXSW, then you throw in session and it’s an absolute nightmare.
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    refreshing to see gaiman finally sink to his level
  9. jasonstiff said: Glad I’m not there and not watching, then…
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