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February 6, 2013 // 15:00 // 1 year ago
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  2. toledosam answered: Nothing but a massive waste of government resources.
  3. quietkenobe answered: Ask the people he sued for telling the truth
  4. imadop answered: Yes. Obstruction of Justice. Tampering with evidence/witnesses & witness bullying. Yes. He should do time. Lying/roids were his least crimes.
  5. iknowhowyoufeelman answered: He’s not being investigated for using steroids or lying. He’s being investigated for obstruction and witness intimidation, which is serious.
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  9. stealthelongbread answered: It’s sport, it’s irrelevant. Let the guy get on with his life and lets worry about more important things.
  10. 2minichinz answered: aw, c’mon. surely there are more important things for these guys to do. These substances’ effects are not proven.
  11. catedrals answered: YES
  12. archetypewriter answered: hell yes
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    Good. Jail time for him and retribution to those he sued over doping allegations.
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    Ha. For some reason Lance Armstrong’s dramatic fall from grace is really amusing me. Like, I’ve kinda loathed the guy...
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