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South Carolina wants to legalize handguns in day-care centers

  • concerning The state legislature in South Carolina is currently considering a law that would allow for guns to be carried in day-care centers, churches, and restaurants.
  • crazy The state’s pro-gun lobby oppose the bill for not going far enough, and has called the bill “unconstitutional” in its restrictions. source

» Restrictions? What restrictions? As explained in an open letter, the gun lobby objects on the grounds that the legislation doesn’t allow out-of-staters, or people under 21, to reap the benefits of the new law, thus violating their constitutional rights. Fun fact: South Carolina has the ninth-highest rate of murder-by-firearm in the country. Actually, on second thought, there’s nothing fun about that.

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March 30, 2011 // 22:07 // 3 years ago
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    Well, for anyone thinking that this will just allow people to bring guns into daycare centers and shoot parents and...
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  7. laurdgaf said: way to go south carolina! makin’ me proud as always. you go. ps. can I move to another state and be given refugee status? just asking.
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    Concerning? If I had children, I would be concerned for their safety. The 2nd amendment lobbyists in NC need to...
  10. plausiblypragmatic said: However, you don’t bring up the fact that these laws only affect law-abiding citizens. I don’t know of very many criminals who head to their local police stations to register their stolen firearms, do you?
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