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iknowhowyoufeelman says: Re: Washington Post building - If journalism isn't being done in newsrooms anymore (as you folks surely know), what's the point of holding onto valuable property if you can get the job done just as well in Arlington? If you can sell the buildings for $80 million, is it worth it to stay just to maintain some symbolic presence?

» SFB says: There’s still plenty of journalism being done in that newsroom. I think that the worst thing a newspaper can do is sacrifice its place in the community by leaving it and going to the suburbs. Arlington, mind you, isn’t a suburb in the traditional sense (Politico is headquartered there, and the Washington Post Express used to be), but I guess my statement is basically a shorthand way of saying that I don’t want the Washington Post to become the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and be ten miles away from the action. We’re already seeing too much outsourcing happening at newspapers in this industry — a number of companies are now producing much of the makeup of smaller newspapers hundreds of miles away. And that’s simply sad. If the news is happening in the city, the paper should have a foothold there, too. — Ernie @ SFB

February 1, 2013 // 16:30 // 1 year ago
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  1. landofdoom said: The Dayton (OH) Daily News did this years ago, by moving operations to a relatively distant suburb. In their defense, the Dayton city council are morons who drove out the FBI’s office, too, as well as several big businesses.
  2. iknowhowyoufeelman said: Fair point, thanks for answering.
  3. bryan said: Wow
  4. poetfire said: I like your response
  5. laughterkey said: Also there’s something to be said for historical value, impressive home court and the like. I’m a firm believer in mojo. It’s harder to find in the ‘burbs.
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