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On Obama’s apparent contradictions in his Libya message

Last night, we got a friendly message from nhaler about the contradictions in the messages we’re hearing on Libya: ”What’re your thoughts on the plain contradictions that are being repeated by the mass media regarding Obama’s claims that USA ‘led the charge’ against Gaddafi?” Good question. In many ways we saw clear leadership from France before reports that the U.S. led the mission first came out. But on the other hand, they were in front of the coalition behind the airstrikes, even as they only modestly took on the endeavor. To us,this whole situation plays into Obama internal conflicts. He was slow to discuss Libya until weeks after the original crisis began, which has made it hard for him to jump on the issue decisively. That’s the problem here. He needs to be less conflicted and his cabinet more focused as a unit.

March 29, 2011 // 22:13 // 3 years ago
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