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[The group] demonstrates … a great deal of innovation in the stage set up, visual effects and pyrotechnics, which makes all the difference in the unique identity of the band.
A description on the Facebook profile for the band Gurizada Fandangueira • Discussing the pyrotechnics that the Brazillian country-pop band was known for. The band had set off pyrotechnics on the stage of the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria on Saturday night, leading to the deadly fire that killed 231 people. Members of the band, along with owners of the club, were being questioned about the incident, the deadliest incident of its kind in the country in nearly 50 years and one that has a TON in common with an incident that happened in the United States nearly a decade ago — The Station nightclub fire, involving the band Great White, also involved the usage of pyrotechnics in a closed space which lit the ceiling’s acoustic insulation, and the blockage of an exit that followed.
January 28, 2013 // 9:18 // 1 year ago
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