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Michael Bloomberg loves giving his old university money, guys

  • $350 million the amount Michael Bloomberg is giving his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, in the latest round of philantropy
  • $1.1 billion the amount Bloomberg has given the university over his entire lifetime; clearly, the alumni foundation didn’t lose his info source

» The inevitable fawning regarding the idea: ”Words can simply not capture the incredible debt of gratitude that we owe to Mike and the amazing sense of fortune that we have in being able to claim him not merely as a graduate but as a graduate who so clearly understands us and has given so much of his time, his passion and his philanthropy,” Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels said regarding the donation. “We’re just incredibly fortunate.” Yeah, pretty much, bro.

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January 26, 2013 // 20:21 // 1 year ago
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    Glad to be a Hopkins student today. Looking forward to the professors this school will lure in.
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    As a Johns Hopkins alum, thank you Mike. (I actually met him a couple times as a student when he was President of the...
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