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On cough syrup vs. gun control

soczoo says: There is almost no evidence that the registration of users of OTC cold and sinus drugs stopped or slowed meth production and use. Poor example.

» SFB says: While the effectiveness of various pseudoephedrine restrictions/regulations can certainly be debated, the larger point we were trying to make is that completely benevolent national registries do exist for the sale of other products. While the NRA likes to portray itself (and American gun owners as a whole) as the potential victims of some new scheme — purportedly concocted as part of some larger plot to seize/tax ALL the guns — in reality the plan seems much more like a case of U.S. lawmakers trying to use a combination of basic logic and an existing plan which has been touted as an effective form of crime prevention. — Scott @ SFB

January 23, 2013 // 18:08 // 1 year ago
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