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President Obama faces gun control pushback from Blue Dog Democrats, others

  • Sen. Begich "I think they’ve got a long haul here … There are some of us who just fundamentally believe in a Second Amendment right. To be frank, I feel like it’s going to be hard for any of these pieces of legislation to pass at this point."
  • Sen. Pryor ”While I appreciate the president’s efforts to keep Americans safe, I believe the place to start is to enforce the laws on the books. That being said, I will continue to look for areas of common ground, including funding for law enforcement in schools, implementing tracking systems for the mentally ill and criminals, and addressing violence in the media.”
  • Sen. Johnson ”We in South Dakota have far fewer problems with guns than they do in New York or New Jersey, and it makes common sense to not have one size fits all.”
  • Sen. Baucus Enforcing the laws we already have on the books is good first step, and it’s clear more needs to be done to address access to mental health care. Before passing new laws, we need a thoughtful debate that respects responsible, law-abiding gun owners in Montana instead of a one-size-fits all directives from Washington.” source
January 17, 2013 // 15:34 // 1 year ago
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