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CBS has nothing but the highest regard for the editors and writers at CNET, and has managed that business with respect as part of its CBS Interactive division since it was acquired in 2008. This has been an isolated and unique incident in which a product that has been challenged as illegal, was removed from consideration for an award. The product in question is not only the subject of a lawsuit between Dish and CBS, but between Dish and nearly every other major media company as well. CBS has been consistent on this situation from the beginning, and, in terms of covering actual news, CNET maintains 100% editorial independence, and always will. We look forward to the site building on its reputation of good journalism in the years to come.
A statement from CBS Interactive • Given to Ad Age following the news that reporter Greg Sandoval resigned from CNET after the publication was forced to retract an award nomination for Dish Network’s “Hopper,” which allows end users to skip commercials easily. (CBS and Dish are embroiled in a lawsuit over the device.) Anybody else more than a little concerned by the fact that CBS doesn’t seem to understand why this cast a negative light on the journalistic integrity of CNET? source
January 14, 2013 // 16:27 // 1 year ago
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