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Obit of the Day: Playlist of the Dead 2012

It is time for Obit of the Day’s annual Playlist of the Dead. So listen to the music, read the posts, and remember some incredible talent we’ve lost over the past twelve months. (The glaring exception is the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, for whom I was unable to write a post, but I did put “An Open Letter to NYC” on the playlist.)


Fred Milano – original member of Dion and the Belmonts

Johnny Otis – “The Godfather of Rhythm and Blues”

Etta James – Grammy winning R&B legend


Whitney Houston - Grammy Award-winning singer

Kathryn McDonald – member of Duke Ellington’s orchestra

Billy Strange – guitarist and songwriter, part of the “Wrecking Crew”

Louisiana Red – blues guitarist

Davy Jones – lead singer of The Monkees


Jimmy Ellis – backup singer for The Trammps

Eric Lowen – Grammy Award-winning co-writer of “We Belong”

Earl Scruggs – Bluegrass legend


Barney McKenna – last of the original Dubliners

Andrew Love – saxophonist and member of the “Memphis Horns”

Levon Helm – legend of rock and folk, member of The Band

Pete Fornatele – WNEW rock DJ


Charles “Skip” Pitts – bass player on “Theme from Shaft

Donna Summer – disco legend and Grammy Award winner

Robin Gibb – member of the Bee Gees


Herb Reed – original member of the Platters

Graeme Bell – “The Father of Australian Jazz”


Jon Lord – keyboardist for Deep Purple


Scott McKenzie – singer, “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)”

Willa Ward – member of the gospel group, The Famous Ward Singers


“Sugar Boy” Crawford – writer, and original singer, “Iko Iko”


R.B. Greaves – writer and singer, “Take a Letter Maria”

Bil Dees – co-writer, “Oh, Pretty Woman”


Cleve Duncan – member of The Penguins and lead singer, “Earth Angel”


Dave Brubeck – pianist and jazz legend

Fontella Bass – singer of 1965 hit “Rescue Me”

You should be able to find the playlist on Spotify under “Playlist of the Dead 2012” or through my account, Josh Eisenberg.

For more Obit of the Day:

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Clever idea for a playlist. 

December 28, 2012 // 12:06 // 1 year ago
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