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Microsoft’s bad news? Windows 8 computers are selling slowly

  • 13% the drop in sales of Windows computers between the last week of October and the first week in December, compared to sales from one year ago. This is a bad sign for Microsoft, which launched Windows 8 during that time frame, and one blamed on various factors, including the bold design changes in the OS and the rise of the mobile market, which could be slowing down demand for desktops. The Surface, which was only for sale in Microsoft stores during that period, was likely a non-factor. source
December 23, 2012 // 19:16 // 1 year ago
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    It’s also glitchy as fuck after upgrades on a number of systems. NEED. PATCHES.
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    The only thing that’s actually completely different is the start menu. Everything else is basically the same, and the...
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    Is this actually surprising to anyone?
  4. mhopeg said: I have to say, I find the Windows 8 interface to be kind of obnoxious. It’s way too busy for my personal taste, and would be the one that that would push me to paying more for a Mac if/when my current computer dies.
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    Maybe if they changed the name of the Metro UI to “Not a Baby Toy, Promise” adult buyers would be less hesitant.
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  8. notexactly said: I assume the rampant product placement on TV and commercials isn’t working for Microsoft.
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    I was playing around with Windows 8 in Best Buy. It looks frustrating and unproductive. I hear you can only have one...
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    Yeah, it pretty well blows. It’s like what they did with the 360, making you jump through a lot of hoops to do what used...
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    When I got Windows 8 at first, I had a hard time figuring out what the hell I was doing. Now, it’s not so bad but still...
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    Also, the demos make it seem like they’re really hard to use. I played around with a few this month and could not for...
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