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Potential new NHL slogan: We’re on the ice 90 percent of the time

  • 2,323 NHL games cancelled since commissioner Gary Bettman took over his current position in 1993. (That’s 10 percent of the total games Bettman has presided over.) Bettman, who is considered an unpopular figure in the league for his role in labor disputes, could see a second season during his tenure go completely up in smoke. The NHL previously cancelled the 2004-2005 season, and inched towards canceling the current one Thursday. source
December 21, 2012 // 9:15 // 1 year ago
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    Why can’t we lock out Bettman? he is the worst thing to happen to hockey, ever!
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  14. excitablehonky said: The Mayans were clearly talking about the end of the NHL, not the end of the world.
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  16. jasonstiff said: Cancel it. Go on. Do it. I love sports, but I will lose ZERO sleep if there isn’t a hockey season. Dissolve the NHL.
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