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December 18, 2012 // 15:27 // 1 year ago
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  2. photolodico answered: YES!
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    Dig it
  4. cominatrix answered: —-finally—-
  5. humanfitness answered: I’m for it. We need something like this.
  6. deucebasket answered: I wonder how this would affect those who already own assault rifles.
  7. superneutral answered: Missing the point.
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    This didn’t work under the Clinton administration so I’m not sure why President Obama thinks it’ll work a second time...
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  10. metamorphoseandbodhi answered: It didn’t work the first time so I’m not sure why it’ll work this time.
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  12. susiebc answered: I am proud that I voted for him. I pray that the ban is passed:)
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  14. jack-kardic answered: Cheaper than Dirt bumped their pmags up to 60 bucks already. Assholes.
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  16. twentysevenbit answered: Yes. Good.
  17. jasonstiff answered: Thank goodness. It isn’t 1776 anymore, everyone. The British are not going door to door.
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    You would’ve preferred it if romney won?
  19. calculatedamalgamation answered: What happened wasn’t a gun control issue. It was a mental health issue. This is reactionary politics at its finest.
  20. fallenviktoria answered: Its an assault weapon. You really, really, dont need to own any of them. I’m sorry that we disagree on this.
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  23. wwwanderlust answered: JUST DO IT.
  24. thenextshot answered: He needs use the Executive Order to change other gun-control efforts within his power NOW!
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  26. titankoretech answered: It’s not like he is banning all guns, and seriously the loophole of gun show sales is kind of a good thing to get rid of.
  27. mconor said: Is that it? Disappointed.
  28. benedictsxebatch answered: Gun control doesn’t work. The real way to solve the problem is more stringent psychological testing BEFORE gun licenses are issued.