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Conflicting reports as to suspect’s name in Sandy Hook shooting

There seems to be some confusion over who the suspected shooter is in the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school. Most news outlets have been reporting that it’s 24-year old Ryan Lanza; however, Fox News and the New York Post say it’s actually his brother, 20-year old Adam Lanza, his brother, and that Ryan is being questioned. I’ve heard murmurs that the shooter may have been carrying his brother’s ID, but haven’t yet been able to get any confirmation on this. More updates as they come. -Seth @ SFB

December 14, 2012 // 16:11 // 1 year ago
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  3. musicsaurusrex said: Local news stations (including WABC) are reporting that Hoboken police confirmed they have taken Ryan Lanza in for questioning, who resides at the 1313 Grand St. Hoboken Address that had earlier been identified as the shooter’s home.
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    NPR has been reporting that there is a question about which brother did the shooting.
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