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evangelinegarreau says: I don't mean to be rude, but may I ask why you thought the "controversy" (if you can call it something that exciting) over UC's new logo was worth reporting? It just doesn't seem that noteworthy for those of us not in UC or in the graphic design world. Slow news day?

» SFB says: I had a long response written, but Tumblr ate it. So here’s a short response: It clearly elicited a lot of anger (understandable because college students spend tens of thousands of dollars on going to school each year, and it went to a redesign they didn’t like), enough that it led 33,000 people to sign a petition, and I care about graphic design on a personal level. I think it’s an interesting topic, as I once worked as a graphic designer for a newspaper. I have no regrets! — Ernie @ SFB

December 9, 2012 // 19:22 // 1 year ago
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  1. lifeofbk said: I don’t think the logo itself is bad, just the color choices they used as the “default” in its promotional materials. Some of the actual usage depicted in their brand video looks pretty good.
  2. catedrals said: It’s also sort of about the budget problems facing public institutions, even the biggest and best ones, which is a Big Deal.
  3. theklr said: I think there’s a huge misconseption with the logo. People think it’s replacing their school’s which it’s completely not. It’s for the system of the school itself. With also the confusion that they paid a large amout when it was a in-house redesign.
  4. cleofuckingpatra said: There are hundreds of thousands of students who attend the UC campuses and the UC system is well known around the world. We live in a time where branding is more important now than ever. This was a debated topic for a reason. SFB, you are great.
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