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Lecture Night in America: Following the murder-suicide allegedly carried out by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher on Saturday, Bob Costas ruffled a few feathers when he decided to offer his own opinion on the need for better gun control during halftime of the Eagles/Cowboys game last night. Think he could/should have chosen a better venue for this?

December 3, 2012 // 14:40 // 1 year ago
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  3. ravenoushyenaface answered: That was really pleasant to listen too, his voice is so nice too. And he kept it simple and to the point too.
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    Whether you agree or not, it was beautifully spoken.
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    It’s not so much WHAT he says, it’s HOW he says it, with all the smarm of a used car salesman.
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    Thank you, Bob Costas
  7. thwhiteelephant said: In Denmark where civilian arms are illegal, nothing like this happens. Alex Blagg put it well: “You never wake up to stories about how someone with a bunch of guns saved lives. Fuck your second amendment” Undiplomatic but true-thx for a great blog
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  9. thwhiteelephant answered: Coming from Denmark where such incidents don’t exist due to strich gunlaws I believe, Alex Blagg put it best:
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    The part about the shooting over loud music hits home. If a middle aged man can’t resist the urge to kill for senseless...
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    »Agree w/Bob.
  15. c05eden answered: I think Bob is one of the only sports broadcasters who can go there, and I thought he did it tastefully. I say bravo. What better venue?
  16. poetfire answered: he used a “teachable moment”—— perfect venue. But of course he will suffer consequences
  17. chippygee answered: better? you mean, there’s a bad place and time to talk about our insane gun culture? i say PREACH!
  18. kingraerae answered: He should be quiet Javon would have killed her w/o a gun anyway. Inanimate objects don’t kill people. It’s what people do with them that kill
  19. jasonstiff answered: I didn’t have a problem with it. He’s correct…people who hate that he said it are just afraid of losing their own guns…
  20. coppercontroller answered: CLEARLY
  21. marketranarchist answered: Banning guns doesn’t make them go away in the same way that banning drugs doesn’t make them go away.
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  23. ninjagaben said: Yeah, because eliminating guns will just make the problem go away! Tongue in cheek
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    i saw this live it was pretty boss.
  25. mrdodo-b answered: how does bringing awareness to a situation ruffle feathers. how can you ignore an NFL player committing a murder-suicide?
  26. houseoforange said: Thanks for sharing this news, by the way!
  27. houseoforange answered: I think I saw a quote where he asked when the appropriate time would be. Good point, Costas.
  28. thejokell answered: If it turns out Jovan Belcher had brain damage from football will Bob Costas call for “Football control” laws?