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Everyone knows that Saxby meant he was happy to raise taxes. Now, under pressure back home, he is waffling. He covets his seat in Washington and is fearful of being primaries. Georgia has primary run-offs, whichs means he can be taken out. He cannot bring himself to say he wants to raise revenue through changing in the tax code that will cause taxes to go up, so he dances around. Behind the scenes, we all know he will work to structure a proposal that increases taxes on Americans, but he’ll cleverly make sure there are enough votes so he can vote against it.
CNN contributor and editor Erick Erickson • Condemning his home-state senator, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, in a lengthy missive posted today. The impetus for Erickson’s denunciation is clearly Chambliss’ public disparagement of the Americans for Tax Reform pledge, engineered by Grover Norquist, which he signed some twenty years ago. The bigger takeaway: on his radio show later in the day, Erickson said he’s been approached about running a primary challenge against Chambliss, and that he’s giving it some “prayerful consideration.” We’re all for people getting involved in politics, so we tip our hats to Erickson if he opts to jump in. Though, as could well be true for most bloggers and pundits, it wouldn’t be an easy road back to politics for the former Macon County councilman — his opposition research file practically writes itself. source
November 27, 2012 // 20:14 // 1 year ago
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