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Palestinian killed by Israeli soldier, testing strength of ceasefire

  • wednesday The escalating and bloody eight-day battle in Gaza was mercifully diffused by the announcement of a ceasefire agreement, brokered in large part by Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi.
  • friday Just two days later, and further bloodshed: a group of Palestinians intending to pray near Gaza’s eastern border reportedly threw rocks at Israeli soldiers, prompting gunfire in response. One man, identified as Ahmad Qudih, was shot and killed — the first major test of the ceasefire’s strength, in the face of much the same tense and perilous environment that preceded it. source
November 23, 2012 // 15:05 // 1 year ago
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  2. leahj said: How about the extra hour or so of rockets that Hamas sent into Israel after the cease fire took effect?
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