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On presidential pardons vs. turkey pardons

gloridiamonds says: they are mad because he wants to kill a turkey? correct me if im wrong but this is so damn stupid. Animals are here for us to eat. WE are higher than them on the food chain so plz

» SFB says: Actually, that wasn’t my point at all. The issue is that this ceremonial pardon gets way more attention and consideration than the actual presidential pardons, which the president isn’t doing very many of. Doing it on Facebook makes the whole thing even more flip. I don’t care if you eat turkey — really, I don’t think anyone should give a flip about what’s on anyone’s table tomorrow. This, however, is just a weird tradition. — Ernie @ SFB


November 21, 2012 // 12:25 // 1 year ago
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  3. plsburydoughboy said: correct me if I’m wrong but Michelle would not have them eating turkey for Thanksgiving anyway.
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    the facebook business is just…damn.
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    Presidential pardons are among the most controversial powers of the president. The Anti-Federalists were up in arms...
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    this is weird.
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    I think it’s dumb that we’re pardoning a bird on a day when we’re giving thanks for our lives and for the wonderful...
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    gloridiamonds says: they are mad because he wants to kill a turkey? correct me if im wrong but this is so damn stupid....
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