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Free speech wins: Supreme Court favors Westboro in funeral case

  • 8-1 the vote in favor of Westboro’s free speech rights source

» Sad, not surprising, but understandable: The fact of the matter is, while we would’ve loved to see Westboro blocked from picketing funerals as a political message, the First Amendment is pretty set in stone and, as much as we dislike the ramifications of this decision, it certainly was the right one. (By the way, the lone dissenter? Samuel Alito.)

March 2, 2011 // 10:31 // 3 years ago
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  4. lateralsymmetry said: As much as I abhor what they do, I’d have disliked the ramifications of an opposite decision far more.
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    i can hate them and i can hate their message, but i must recognize that the freedom that allows them to protest is the...
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    Yeah I begrudgingly agree with this decision. I’d rather everyone be allowed to speak than be subject to selective...
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