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Why David Petraeus’ usage of private Gmail accounts was a security risk

sssquid says:  How was it logical? That’s f#(&(@& stupid. The guy just had sex with someone else. No reason for him to lose his job. So stupid and immature.

» SFB says: You know, instead of reading way too deeply into my spare usage of a cliche, consider that he likely created a major security risk by communicating anonymously via Gmail, as the Washington Post notes:

If Petraeus allowed his Gmail security to be compromised even slightly, by widening access, sharing passwords or logging in from multiple addresses, it would have brought foreign spy agencies that much closer to a treasure trove of information. As the Wall Street Journal hints, investigators were concerned about Petraeus’s Gmail access precisely because of the history of foreign attempts to access just such accounts.

While the accounts may not have contained any personal information about him, Max Fisher notes in his report that “access to the account could have provided telling information on, for example, Petraeus’s travel schedule, his foreign contacts, even personal information about himself or other senior U.S. officials.” — Ernie @ SFB

November 12, 2012 // 21:30 // 1 year ago
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    We’re DEFINITELY talking about this today on the show.
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    Besides… doesn’t this present a foreign agency with an opportunity to blackmail one of the persons involved all of whom...
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    I don’t understand why so many people think he shouldn’t have been fired??? How the hell is he qualified for this...
  7. metamorphoseandbodhi said: No. It’s about the sex. It’s not about a security risk. The account was a personal one not his CIA account. Are you saying if he had a private account at home that he used to cheat on his wife there would be a security risk?
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  9. lateralsymmetry said: Max Fischer? Loved him in Rushmore!
  10. thenewhotness said: its not as if other countries haven’t shown an ability to hack google before
  11. upsettingshorts said: Plus - although its wild uninformed speculation on my part - Broadwell’s pattern of behavior combined with Petraeus’ position meant she was a potential asset waiting to be exploited.
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