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November 6, 2012 // 19:15 // 1 year ago
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  1. cheshire420 answered: I voted the first day early voting opened in Nevada. There was a five minute wait in line, but on election day it was 3 hours long for some.
  2. cbknails answered: I had absolutely no wait time, and neither did my boyfriend, who lives in a difference precinct than I. We both voted yesterday.
  3. mkatrinacorcoran answered: 75 minutes
  4. itstotallyrene answered: I waited 5 hours and ten minutes. I’m from Miami Dade so that’s normal
  5. katerkat82 answered: In and out in 8 minutes flat.
  6. theoutregirl answered: About 90 minutes
  7. heckofabecca answered: I live in a smallish town— less than 20k people— and I voted around 2:30. No waiting at all!
  8. what-a-way-to-disney answered: bout 5 min
  9. isnteverything answered: I went at 3:30 and there was absolutely no line. I’ve waited longer to vote in runoffs.
  10. awesomethingsfromhistory answered: Maybe 10 minutes. I voted at like 11:30.
  11. castironed answered: I am glad you .ung
  12. squawktalk answered: maybe 2 minutes
  13. michelledunlap answered: Got to the polls at 7:03 am, waiting for about 10 min for doors to open. Was back at home warming up by 8 am. 45-50 min.
  14. thetrainback answered: No wait for me here in San Francisco. There were 3 booths free when I walked in at around 1 pm this afternoon.
  15. fullelven-spoopymage answered: I didn’t wait at all. I went in and got my ballot and a place to sit right away
  16. mar-see-ah answered: showed up around 8:45am, got out 9:30. 45 min.
  17. heatdeathofauniverse answered: no wait
  18. nemophilablues answered: 2 hours and 15 minutes!
  19. translexual answered: ~20 minutes
  20. warholesque answered: 2 hours in GA
  21. lglights-is-hiding answered: I went around 11am, no wait, in and out in about 10 minutes with my prepared sample ballot.
  22. elfyourmother answered: 2.5 hours. But I live in NYC and we are dealing with post-Sandy issues.
  23. washingtub answered: I got there around 4:30, so beat the work rush and it only took 15 minutes!
  24. biggerthanself answered: no wait. 11:30am pst
  25. scaryarms answered: 2 minutes for a booth to open up. Very smooth and quick here in Minnesota (at least at my location)
  26. musicforthemusicallychallenged answered: 10 minutes in line in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 9:00am
  27. momwifegeekbookworm answered: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  28. zomgnadz answered: 0 seconds but they screwed up my registration and said I didn’t exist….ended up submitting a provisional ballot
  29. cooperseye answered: 20 minutes. The place was a touch hard to find. The room was stuffy, there was 1 line handling the check in. Everyone was nice. 20 minute
  30. cliff-speed answered: I waited like a minute maybe, but I live out in the country. Some of my coworkers waited an hour and a half in other cities in Georgia.
  31. weallcomplete answered: fifteen minutes, maybe less
  32. spidermans-radioactive-semen answered: I waited 1.5 hours
  33. dtrip01 answered: 5 minutes
  34. terradascouves answered: 100 minutes
  35. crimson-lullaby answered: No one was there when I got there, so walked right in and voted, no wait.
  36. dailygazelle answered: Approximately 2 minutes!
  37. witch-singer answered: 3 and 1/2 hours! and of course I voted for the bamster (:
  38. megsina answered: 45 mins
  39. svenc answered: 45 minutes
  40. aveviva answered: Walked right through
  41. peacefulrestvalley answered: 10 minutes if that…at 10:30am.
  42. ashleymitsenf answered: I went at about 1pm central time and was in and out in about half an hour or so. Would’ve been quicker if I used a paper ballot.
  43. ooohhnooo answered: 5 minutes.
  44. macekay answered: walked in, registered to vote, voted, walked out.
  45. toothpickcharlie answered: Philly suburbs. In and out in about 10 minutes at 9:30am.
  46. goldenegg31 answered: in MA, 3:20pm, in and out within a half hour
  47. necromancerniki answered: I did not have to wait at all, and I went at about 10 am.