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Chris is a sort of cavalier New York, New Jersey guy: ‘If I’m a few minutes behind, I’ll blame it on traffic,’ That’s just who he is.
A person close to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie • Quoted anonymously in a Politico story today, which suggests that Governor Christie may have initially been Mitt Romney’s top choice for Vice Preisdent. That began to change, however, with Christie’s tardiness to some events irking Romney, as referenced above, and concerns persisted within the campaign that he was too focused on himself to be an effective “number two.” Over the course of his trip to visit the Olympics in London, Romney finally settled on Rep. Paul Ryan. The article also states that some Romney “friends and donors” are upset with Christie’s public appreciations of President Obama the last week, as the pair have coordinated tightly on New Jersey’s post-Sandy disaster relief. source
November 3, 2012 // 16:53 // 1 year ago
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