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We have a natural fit with Colorado. I embrace the notion of being a spoiler. The two-party system is outdated. Politics right now is very status quo. It’s really like a non-choice.
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson • Discussing the role he could play in Colorado, where the race is very tight and the state’s marijuana ballot initiative plays to his base’s strengths. He stands a chance to make an impact in the state than most for a few reasons: Libertarians tend to do better in western states, the party was founded in Colorado, and he’s perhaps the best-known candidate on the ballot who supports legalization — which is a hot topic in the state. Depending on how he does, he could take votes away from either Obama or Romney. Spoiler, indeed.

— Ernie @ ShortFormBlog

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November 2, 2012 // 22:54 // 1 year ago
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