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New polling data shows President Obama gaining ground in OH while slipping in FL and WV

  • Florida A new Quinnipiac University/NY Times/CBS News poll shows Mitt Romney has drastically cut into the the 53 - 44 lead enjoyed by President Obama in late September. Romney still trails among early voters though, sitting 6 points behind President Obama in a 50 - 44 race.
  • Ohio According to the same poll, President Obama leads Mitt Romney by 7 points, with current reports suggesting a 50 - 45 split, which he has maintained for more than a week now. Early voting in Ohio heavily leans towards the incumbent as well, with President Obama leading Mitt Romney 60 - 34. 
  • Virginia Mitt Romney has also managed to gain some ground in Virginia, where he trailed the President 51 - 46 as recently as October 11. The former governor of Massachusetts still trails President Obama 49 -47; however, the candidate is undoubtedly happy about shaving the five point spread. Early voters in Virginia also tend to back President Obama, where he currently holds a 57 - 38 lead. source
October 31, 2012 // 13:54 // 1 year ago
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  1. ohheybill said: The poll is VA, not WV. WV is solid Romney.
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  5. poorrichardsnews said: This poll assumes an even lower Republican turnout than 2008. How ridiculous.
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