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In which one of our massive essays challenges a reader’s endurance

gogo-gaga says: I would read it all but it’s way too long… Sorry

» SFB says: You can’t handle three paragraphs? I know that’s long for this blog, but we’re talking less than 300 words, including headline. *sigh* — Ernie @ SFB

October 30, 2012 // 21:17 // 1 year ago
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  1. sebastion said: this is tumblr… not wordpress.
  2. lateralsymmetry said: Translated: rather than read three paragraphs I will take the time to write out my displeasure. Because while I may be lazy, I’m not lazy.
  3. thebeardedclancy said: Poor guy. It must be hard not being able to focus for more than a second on something.
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    But this is an argument against Gawker going to Tumblr. Three paragraphs competing with a Cookie Monster GIF is not a...
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    I should probably quit tumblr before this happens to me.
  6. latinagamer said: *headdesk*
  7. plsburydoughboy said: maybe you can add more pictures.
  8. notexactly said: *laughing*
  9. the-sf-lovely said: people are just so….
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