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skinbonesballet says: LOL you realize that the U.S. unemployment rate is formated to exclude those who have taken part time work because they can't find full time work and those who have dropped out of looking for work in general. Under Obama those numbers (U-6 unemployment) went from 9.2% to 14.8%. Many of the jobs the economy added last month were part time. The number of people with part-time jobs who wanted full-time work rose 7.5 percent to 8.6 million, the most since February 2009.

» SFB says: Hey look, our first jobs truther! Yes, we’re just tired of talking about it because we always get messages like this one every month. I mean, I know you don’t know this because you came to life like an hour ago to send us a message because we don’t allow anonymous asks, but … yeah, we’ve covered this numerous times in the past— Ernie @ SFB

(Side note: I got into blogging to answer messages like this one, where people use that spitfire style of talking and they probably have one of those old-school IBM keyboards so the clacking of their keys can be heard at maximum volume. You can tell they worked so hard on it! Let’s give this guy some extra credit.)

October 5, 2012 // 19:23 // 2 years ago
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  1. mconor said: Sfb, you’re a dick. I love it.
  2. nathantumbl said: Infinite like
  3. lifeincommas said: lovelovelove.
  4. used2thepain said: Hey Mittens, quit using anon to spread your shit! Fess up, flip flopper.
  5. itwillbeloud said: You crack me up and I love you. If you don’t get a lot of sex for this blog, I will help change that.
  6. bobbycaputo said: I love the fact that whoever this is, is sending the same exact message to EVERYONE. …Maybe It’s Mitt Romney
  7. alovesofine said: omfg this dude’s such a tool
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