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This has been a vindication of Dr. Monnett in that they found no scientific misconduct or anything related to his scientific work that merited any sort of discipline or personnel action.
Jeff Ruch, director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility • Speaking on the case of Dr. Charles Monnett, who had been under investigation by the Obama administration for the past two and a half years. First the investigation focused on suspicion he had falsified data in a 2004 article relating to climate change, and the plight of polar bears exhausting themselves swimming between too-distant ice sheets, thus risking drowning. They then examined whether Monnett had improperly awarded research contracts, of which he was also cleared. In the end, a minor reprimand for sending government information without authorization was all the ordeal would yield – info that was later used in court to block the interior department from approving new oil drilling by Shell. To Jeff Ruch’s mind, this fact was central to the effort against Monnett by the Obama administration: “[The reprimand] reads as if it was motivated by attempts during the Obama years to clog leaks and root out environmental dissidents inside the department of interior having to do with Arctic drilling.” source
September 29, 2012 // 16:26 // 2 years ago
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