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More on Israel in the wake of Egypt.

theonlyplfrmat said: I feel like, putting ourselves in Israel’s shoes, it’s a bit naive to browbeat them for not supporting a people’s revolution in Egypt when, the last time Egypt was hostile, Israel’s literal existence was on the line. How do you want them to react?

» We say: I think it’s equally naive for them to assume the worst of intentions of the Egyptian people. Fact of the matter is, they have every right to be concerned, but supporting a leader who limits the rights of others just because he personally benefits you is not a good reason. We don’t know what Egypt will do next. There’s no evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood will even gain power or influence in Egypt. There is evidence that Mubarak’s people were attempting to limit the press and the free flow of information. There’s a point where the cost-benefit ratio skews too far in one direction, and it was passed here. Israel is right to have concerns and to work on them with whoever leads from here – they’ve had a rough history with many bumps along the way. But there was a reason why the US eventually backed away from Mubarak.

February 11, 2011 // 18:41 // 3 years ago
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