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Our platform calls for a balanced deficit reduction plan where everyone, from elected leaders to the wealthy and super-wealthy, pay their fair share. And when your country is in a costly war, with our soldiers sacrificing abroad and our nation facing a debt crisis at home, being asked to pay your fair share isn’t class warfare; its patriotism.
Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker • Delivering a speech to the Democratic National Convention tonight,  in an adamant and impassioned style that provoked chants of both “USA, USA!” and “CORY, CORY!” The speech drew no comparisons between the President and his GOP rival Mitt Romney, and that’s not surprising – the Cory Booker political brand, much like Obama himself while a candidate in 2008, is built on a relentless positivity. There are plenty of Democratic figures who will make pointed attacks on Romney, but that wasn’t Booker’s role. Rather, his job was to deliver an affirmative speech, and launch the convention with a little electricity. source
September 4, 2012 // 19:34 // 2 years ago
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