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Roundhouse kicks for “Amercia”: Chuck Norris is worried, you guys. He’s worried about America, and wants his fellow Evangelical Christians to know that they’re the only ones who can save the day. With a little help from his wife, Ronald Reagan, and some Chuck Norris Facts (seriously…read the video’s description), Chuck Norris takes two minutes to remind voters about the existential threat to the United States that is President Barack Obama.  source

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September 3, 2012 // 19:01 // 2 years ago
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    Oddly enough I had a bit of a hand in that: // Back in my SomethingAwful days...
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    Frankly, I’ve never understood the whole “Chuck Norris is god” thing, just never really got how that became so popular…...
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    I don’t even…
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    Chuck got kicked in the head one too many times…
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    You know, if you’re a Christian and you’re right wing, I would suggest actually reading your Bible…but this time, skip...
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    It’s funny. I say that Edmund Burke quote to myself all the time and yet I have not reached the same conclusions as Mr....
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    lol morons for america
  18. nslayton said: Hey yo, forget this B-movie guy. And let us never forget Bruce Lee was better: both as a martial artist and as a philosopher.
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    Chuck Norris is an over-rated senile quack.
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