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On newsy stuff we like reading that has nothing to do with Tumblr

jeffmiller asks: What are your favorite (non-Tumblr) websites for news. (Or rather, what news websites do you read on a daily basis?)

» We say: Outside of our staple news sites (Reuters, CNN, the NYT and such), my personal favorite site is Mediaite, which I think strikes the perfect balance between news and commentary, and I can guarantee to generally have its finger on the pulse. (The aftertaste is also a little better than Politico, generally.) I also like a lot of The Atlantic’s stable, including The Atlantic Wire, which is a bit of an unsung hero among news commentary sites. I also greatly adore Hacker News, where you can usually find something generally awesome going on, be it a cool startup or interesting technical debate, and have been a faithful reader of Pitchfork, Slashdot and Fark since the late ’90s. Gawker Media’s stuff is staple food for me, and I’ve been a huge fan of Dave Weigel especially since he moved over to Slate. As for news outlets that never get their fair shake, the Christian Science Monitor always has stuff well-suited to SFB articles. And there’s a lot to like about The Awl. (It’s our Office Hours! Ask us stuff!)

January 24, 2011 // 22:11 // 3 years ago
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