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What’s the downside? Jon Stewart getting all serious and haughty? Harry Reid could not care less.
A Harry Reid confidante, quoted in Politico • On the majority leader’s recent allegations about Mitt Romney. Stewart called Reid a “really terrible person” for citing an anonymous source’s claim that Romney paid no taxes for ten years saying that Romney’s dad would be ashamed of him for not releasing his tax returns. According to the article, however, “it’s impossible to say how little [Reid] cares” about Stewart’s criticism. “He literally could not care less,” Reid’s confidante said. The article in whole is a good “Reid” (hah!), as it gets into why the Nevada Democrat’s recent attacks are a win-win for Democrats. In short: If Republicans remain silent on the claims, that suggests that they’re true. But if Republicans respond to them—and they have been—then the issue of Romney’s taxes remains in the news cycle, and that’s what Democrats want. It’s rare that any politician finds an opportunity to hit the other party that’s both risk-free and high-gain, but this seems to be exactly that (Correction: Tumblr user SavageMike points out that Stewart’s criticism was directed at a statement Reid made about Romney’s father, not the no-taxes-for-ten-years claim).  source (viafollow)
August 4, 2012 // 4:21 // 2 years ago
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  9. aaronbong said: Why is not one person commenting yet on the fact that Harry Reid and Mitt Romney are both Mormon? Is there some back room collusion occuring to take focus off other less pleasant topics?
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