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From the standpoint of our conservative beliefs and values, Sarah Palin and I are probably identical.
Wannabe 2012 nominee Herman Cain (better known as “The Hermanator”) • Emphasizing his desire to become the GOP nominee. Cain, who is black, first drew the attention of political crowds while the CEO of Godfather Pizza, when he successfully got a blow on Bill Clinton’s health-care plan. Since then, he’s done much more in business (he sits on many corporate boards) and entered politics as a late-life hobby. If Cain can get some name recognition out there – he’s trying pretty darn hard – he might just have a shot. He might have a little of that Howard Dean voodoo power, he’s charismatic like Samuel L. Jackson (Joshua Green’s words, not ours), he survived cancer, and that anti-health-care calling card might win over some people. source (viafollow)
January 13, 2011 // 20:46 // 3 years ago
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