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This non-endorsement pledge is unprecedented and is not being required of any other persons or entities. To us, such a pledge seems inappropriate when a non-media sponsor issues a debate invitation. We can assure both campaigns that the debate will be fair, just as the one we cosponsored between Senator Brown and Attorney General Martha Coakley in 2010 was fair.
A statement by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute • Expressing anger over a main condition set by Sen. Scott Brown that he’ll only take part in senatorial debates to be held at the institute on the condition that Vicki Kennedy, Ted Kennedy’s widow who plays a key role in the institute, not endorse anyone in the campaign. Brown’s campaign manager, upon word of this statement, said Brown would decline the offer to debate: “We respect Vicki Kennedy’s decision but we regret that we cannot accept a debate invitation from someone who plans to endorse Scott Brown’s opponent.” (ht sarahlee310)
June 19, 2012 // 21:06 // 2 years ago
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