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Obviously, maybe in a roundabout way, foreign money is coming into an American campaign.
Sen. John McCain • Criticizing the recent $10 million donation casino magnate Sheldon Adelson made to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC by suggesting that Adelson likely used profits from properties he owns in the Chinese special administrative region of Macau to fund Romney’s campaign. (It’s an issue near and dear to McCain’s heart, as the campaign finance bill that Citizens United largely struck down, McCain-Feingold, bears his name.) The Las Vegas Sands head also played a heavy role in the primaries, heavily funding Newt Gingrich’s electoral efforts. While people from foreign countries cannot fund election efforts, McCain is arguing that efforts like Adelson’s skirt around this, due to the fact that Adelson is the leader of a multinational corporation. Follow McCain’s logic here?
June 16, 2012 // 22:18 // 2 years ago
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  8. zachvaughn said: So, by McCain’s logic - American nationals overseas cannot contribute to a President?
  9. sturmtruppen said: As long as they’re /profits/ from overseas business and not foreign donations being made through an American middle man I don’t see the problem.
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