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L.A. Kings match city officials’ posted reward in baby slaying case

  • $50,000 offered by law enforcement officials in Los Angeles for information related to the murder of 1-year-old Angel Mauro Cortez-Nava
  • $50,000 was donated by the Los Angeles Kings (who are one game away from winning a Stanley Cup), bringing the total reward to $100,000 source

» What happened: Police believe Cortez was shot and killed after his father, Mauro Cortez, was mistaken to be a member of a rival gang. The mix-up is attributed to a purple T-shirt he wore which read, “I own a Honda. Be nice to me.” As for the donation, Timothy Leiweke, the president of AEG (the firm that owns the Kings) noted: “During such an exciting time such as this we can’t lose sight of the importance and responsibility we all share in keeping our community safe.”

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June 6, 2012 // 16:48 // 2 years ago
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