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Many polling locations here in the inner city of Milwaukee are running out of ballots and voter registration forms. Based on the anecdotes I’m hearing from the field, it’s safe to say that hundreds and hundreds of people have not voted as a result.
Gary Younge, a reporter with The Guardian • While out in Milwaukee, Younge discovered a lack of forms at some polling stations. This is also being confirmed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Probably not the best of news to come out of Wisconsin right now. source (viafollow)
June 5, 2012 // 20:54 // 2 years ago
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    I’ve always wondered, why would wouldn’t you want more people voting? If you know your position is right and fair and...
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  17. wisconsinforward said: Milwaukee: if you can print voter registration forms to take to polls, I have a list of the polls that need more registration forms. Also, as long as you are in *line* by 8:00, you will be able to register and vote.
  18. jgreendc said: I have no sympathy for voters who want to register the day of. Where were they for the primaries?
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