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May 29, 2012 // 14:38 // 2 years ago
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    I don’t generally go to Gawker unless I see a Tweet, follow a link and wind up there (and the Gawker pages I most...
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    Right now the disturbing images are under the cut on Gawker website (obviously I had to go and see… I’m not proud). And...
  5. elle-fleur said: fuck how does that even happen? stay off drugs. jesus.
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    What they said. I’m not touching that post. Plus, PUPPIES. Way better than a “zombie” attack victim. LSD that turns you...
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    Yeah I just unfollowed someone for posting what I’ll assume are the same pictures - no cut or nothing, just gore tossed...
  8. bobbycaputo said: Oh why did I just look at Gawker? man that is some messed up stuff.
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  11. tiptoelightlypastmymind said: At first I was disappointed, because some of those puppies were not very cute. But then I scrolled down and the “daaawww”ing commenced.
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